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Can I apply for multiple jobs?
Yes, you can apply for multiple openings.
Do you offer entry-level jobs?
Yes, our positions range from entry to senior level. We post the job openings through Jobs4IT and LinkedIn.
I interviewed last year and wasn’t selected. May I reapply and will I get another call for interview again?
Yes, you can apply for another role. If you have applied one year ago, you would probably be interviewed again once you gained more experience and skills that are a great fit for the job requirements.
Are the all the interviews virtual?
No, most of our interviews are in person. Although, under certain circumstances for example through the COVID-19 pandemic or when the candidates live abroad or in province, we hold video and phone interviews.
If you offer a position on behalf of your clients, do I get an interview from the Project Manager directly?
No, our recruiters screen CV’s candidates and call them for an interview assessing their technical and soft skills. Once, you are a great fit for the job opening, your CV is submitted to the Project Manager for screening.
Will I get a feedback of the interview even if it is negative?
All the candidates are informed when the interview cycle is completed within approximately two weeks via phone call or e-mail.
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